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Find a cheering section

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Let’s be honest, everyone has an ego. And that ego likes to be stroked from time to time. That ego also gets bruised from time to time as well. What do you do when these times present themselves?

Your spouse can only do so much. After all, it’s possible but unlikely that they are in your field. They probably don’t know all the nuances of your stories. As much as I tell people that my wife knows more about the business of television than any other banker in history, she still only gets my stories so far. But when I’m facing certain decisions, she can only help so far. Where else can one turn?

You’ve probably heard that it’s wise to be cultivating your business and career relationships all the time, not just when you’re in the job market. This is true, but it also has other positive consequences. By maintaining a solid Rolodex of contacts and keeping in contact, you have a first level of business peers that have a genuine interest in you and your success. They have likely to have a perspective that you can tap into when needed. It’s also a great two-way street. They will look for your help and guidance when they are challenged. You can celebrate their victories with them. And at the same time, they will genuinely went to celebrate your victories.

Are you keeping in touch with the good people you like and respect from your business past? Have you lost touch with people that you miss? Why wait to make a New Year’s Resolution to be better about it? It’s likely they want to hear from you…today. Do it.

Save some for the family!

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Can you do it all?  Can you handle every project on your desk all at once?  Can you burn the candle at both ends and still be the perfect spouse and parent?

Are you Superman or Wonder Woman?

I didn’t think so.

But yet, day after day, we grind ourselves into long hard hours.  We miss dinners at home, family events, and in some cases, holidays.  We do it to get ahead.  We do it in the name of helping our families.  However, at the end of that long hard day, our kids go to bed without even seeing us.  Our poor supportive spouses get just a husk of a person coming home with little more than sleep on our mind.  Certainly, not fair.

When it’s all said and done, what have you done for your family?  Did you land that account so you can work harder from now on?

How about this?  Leave it behind.  Make a date with your spouse.  Firm up a family plan and stick to it.

You just might find that you are a better worker when you come back.  One thing’s for sure.  Your desk will still be there.

Written by Jeff York

August 9, 2008 at 11:57 am