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Got passion?

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thumbs-up.jpgAs a hiring manager-type, if there is one character trait I looked for in adding an individual to a team, it would be someone who was passionate about all the right things.  I was never a manager of a widget maker.  Everywhere I’ve worked has been media related.  There is no way to work in media, either in the environment that existed 20 years ago when I started or in today’s hyperchanging, absorbing, multilayered assult that we experience today without that passion.  If you don’t have the passion for what we do, you will not be involved enough to be able to keep up with the times.  You will not be in tune enough to know which new media channels to use to help your clients to achieve their marketing objectives.  And you will not be looked to as an expert in this field providing value to your clients.

I have participated in enough recent meetings with old school marketing people that clearly didn’t have passion for today’s media environment.  They were smart enough to hire some kid that just came out of college and get it.  But as the meeting wears on, they sit back and let the kid do the work.  It’s clear that the elephant in the room is them and they are no longer relevant as marketing experts.  Old school marketing principles do not apply across the board to the new avenues that marketing professionals can use to be successful for their clients.

They don’t have the passion.  Do you?  What are you passionate about?


Written by Jeff York

March 25, 2008 at 4:32 pm

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