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Are you staying up to speed?

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Remember school?  Remember thinking “when will I ever use this piece of information?”  Then it came time to go to college.  Most of the courses were more of the same.  But you played the game, got the degree or certificate, and got a job.  Much of what you needed to know, you learned on the job.

But is that enough?

Good organizations invest in their employees by sending them to training and seminars.  Many people who are very serious about their careers spend time and money on their own training as well.  It’s also an avenue for job seekers that are looking to separate themselves from their competition.  What better way to show you’re current and passionate than getting additional related training?

It’s always a good idea to look into getting yourself some additional training and development.  Even more so in today’s economic environment.

Are you doing anything to increase your standing within your organization?  Are you learning a new skill or working toward a certificate in something new in anticipation of a career change?  I’d love to hear about what your experiences and outcomes were from taking the time and investing in yourself.

4 Responses

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  3. I wanted to share a note that I recently received from a newsletter from I think it clearly shows the value in continuing your training and education. No one wants to be left behind:

    Testimonial of the month
    Career-Saving Website

    As a television designer celebrating my 50th birthday this year, I’ve had to adapt rapidly to the move from Quantel hardware to a variety of software packages on the Mac. The pressure to develop my knowledge base to match that of young designers who have had years of college training is immense. has, without a doubt, saved me from joining the ranks of middle-aged unemployed designers. But more than that—as I continue to follow these expert tutorials I even find some of those same fresh-faced designers actually asking me how I have built my projects. I’m now passing on my newfound knowledge. How good does that feel!

    So thanks for a great product and helping me hold my own in the rapidly changing world of computer graphics.

    – simon o. – 09/2008

    Jeff York

    November 6, 2008 at 5:53 pm

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